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We have created the following spreadsheets to assist in statistical calculations. Each spreadsheet is "protected" so that it will only let you type in certain cells so that you don't accidentally overwrite any important formulas. If you wish to edit the formulas of the spreadsheet you will first need to "unprotect" it by choosing Tools --> Protection --> Unprotect Sheet. If you have created a spreadsheet yourself and would like to make it available to others through this website, or if you ever think you have found an error in one of these spreadsheets, please send us an email at .

General Statistics

Title Last Revision Comments
Averaging Numbers 2005-11-06 Computes the unweighted or weighted average of a set of numbers.
p-values and Critical Values
Computes p-values and critical values from correlations, t, Z, F, and chi-square statistics.
Chi-square 2005-11-06 Computes the p-value of a chi-square statistic.
Averaging Correlation Coefficients 2005-11-06 Computes the weighted and unweighted average of a collection of correlation coefficients using Fisher's r to Z transform function.
Comparing Correlation Coefficients 2009-06-24 Performs a statistical test of the difference between two correlation coefficients.
Determine Equivalent Scale Values2023-03-27Identifies equivalent values on two different scales
Simple Slopes Plot for a 2-way Interaction 2009-08-25 Graphs the simple slopes for a 2-way interaction in regression analysis.
Simple Slopes Plot for a 3-way Interaction 2009-08-25 Graphs the simple slopes for a 3-way interaction in regression analysis.
Graph of interaction between a categorical IV and a continuous IV
Graphs the simple slopes for an interaction between a categorical IV (having up to 5 levels) and a continuous IV.
Logistic Coefficient to Odds Ratio 2005-11-06 Transforms a logistic regression coefficient to an odds ratio.
Effect sizes in ANOVA
Computes f, f-squared, and eta-squared for the main and interaction effects in a two-way ANOVA.
Multivariate p-values 2006-10-27 Computes p-values for one-sample and independent samples Hotelling T-squared as well as for Wilk's Lambda
Graphing moderated mediation 2009-09-17 Graphs moderated mediation.
Two-sample Z test for proportions 2009-10-06 Tests whether two proportions are significantly different from each other.
Probability and odds converter2021-07-12Converts between odds, log odds, and probability.
Rasch calculate probability correct2022-02-08Given a respondent theta and an item difficulty from an IRT analysis, this spreadsheet will calculate the probability that the respondent will get the item correct. It can also calculate the theta that a respondent would need to posess to have a given probability to get the item correct.
Congruence coefficients for factor analysis2010-02-08This spreadsheet takes two sets of factor loadings and computes the congruence coefficient for each pair of factors.


Title Last Revision Comments
p-value from Cox CI 2005-11-06 Computes a p-value from the bounds of a confidence interval around a Cox regression coefficient.
r to d & d to r 2005-11-06 Transforms either a correlation coefficient (r) to a standardized mean difference effect size (d) or transforms a standardized mean difference effect size to a correlation coefficient.
Odds Ratio to r 2005-11-06 Computes a correlation coefficient from an odds ratio.
p to t 2005-11-06 Computes a t statistic from a p-value.
Statistics to interpret d 2008-10-08 Computes U1, U2, U3, BESD, and CL from d based on Cohen (1977), Rosenthal &
Rubin (1982), & McGraw & Wong (1992)
Moderator Contrasts 2005-11-06 Tests a contrast of the means from a categorical moderator variable.
Effect Size Corrections 2005-11-06 Converts g to d and r to Zr. Also provides the variances of these statistics.
Fail Safe N 2005-11-06 Computes the fail safe N based on Rosenthal (1979).
Meta-analytic Descriptives 2005-11-06 Computes the unweighted mean effect size, weighted mean effect size, variance of the weighted mean effect size, and the heterogeneity statistic.
Continuous Moderator 2005-11-06 Tests the effect of a continuous moderator on an effect size. This spreadsheet requires that you first perform a weighted regression analysis predicting the effect size from the moderator. 
Calculating g and d 2009-08-11 Calculates uncorrected (g) and corrected (d) effect sizes as well as the variance for d.
Calculating overall mean and SD 2007-11-03 Calculates the overall mean and standard deviation of a distribution when you provide the means and standard deviations from a set of subgroups
Converting effect sizes 2012-06-19 Converts effect sizes (r, d, f, odds ratio, eta sqaured)
d to distributions 2008-10-08 Takes d statistics and graphs the underlying distribution

Other Useful Spreadsheets

Last Revision
Double Data Entry 2006-09-19 Spreadsheet that highlights double data entry errors.
Web Survey Generator 2006-10-20
Generates the HTML necessary to administer a Likert scale survey over the Internet.

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