Asking Your Question

    The intent of this service is to provide quick and useful help to people performing data analysis.  As we are currently operating as a free service, we must limit the help that we are able to provide to each client.  We ask that you frame your question so that it may be answered in a single communication, although we will be willing to clarify our answer (if necessary) in a second communication.  All of our clients are volunteers and work in their own free time, so it may take several days for you to receive a response to your question.

    PLEASE NOTE:    Here at we do not provide solutions to homework problems.  Our service is designed primarily to aid those performing actual data analysis, since they often have a limited number of places to turn to for help.  Students taking a course in statistics should seek aid from the instructor and teaching assistants assigned to their class.

    All initial requests for help should be e-mailed to .  After that, the coordinator will assign your question to one of our consultants.  The consultant will recieve a copy of your question, and you will be given contact information for your consultant.  From then on you can interact directly with your consultant without going through again.  Please feel free to contact if you have any problems with your consultant.

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